How to setup Quiz Machine for the virtual 2021 National Bible Quiz Tournment.

These instructions will walk your Score Keeper through the setup and use of the Quiz Machine (QM) for this virtual quiz.  Obviously, there will not be any seats attached to the QM but the Score Keeper will still be able to record the stats.

Quiz Machine Setup

1.       Start by ensuring you system has a connection to the internet.  If you need assistance, please contact the tech team at 501-352-4646 by sending a text with your contact information and a member of the Tech Team will contact you.

2.       You can validate your connection by going to  where you should see the following site.

3.       If you have not downloaded and installed “QuizMachine 5.4 E33” you will need to do so before the day of the first quiz.  Go to the “Support” page and download the E33 version and then do the typical install. 

NOTE: This will not erase your setup if you did the setup prior to installing this version.  Also note that some versions of anti-virus or windows will quarantine executables until you release them.  Text me if you run into this.

4.       Open Quiz Machine

5.       The first thing we need to do here is put all the correct information into setup so your QM client will talk with the QM Server.

6.       Click on “Setup/Exit” button in the lower left corner of QM.

7.       You will get a dialog box asking if you want Setup or Exit, choose “Setup”

8.       At the QuizMachine Properties dialog box, choose the “Server/Sneakernet” tab.

9.       Ensure the settings are the same as above with the following exception; Type in your room number that you are the scorekeeper for (only the number) see the list below. Then click “Apply” and then go to next step before clicking on ok.

Note: Room number must be exact, just the number nothing else.


10.   Click on the “Rules/Scoring” Tab

11.   Ensure the settings are the same as above and then click on “OK”, and then click on “OK” again on the QM Properties dialog box which will return you to the QM main screen.

Create Quiz

12.   Now click on “Line Ups” button in the lower left portion of the screen.

13.   You should see a dialog box where the client reaches out and communicates with the server.  If you get an error here then something was not set correctly in the previous settings.  You will have to correct this before starting the quiz.

14.   In these next few steps, you will set up the quiz. When the “Line Ups” dialog box comes up the first time it will still be set to your last quiz information, that’s ok we are fixing to change it.

NOTE: All entries must match exactly and are case sensitive.  I have cropped some of the pictures to save space in these instructions.

15.   Now let’s create the quiz.  Click on “Create new Quiz”.

16.   Ensure the settings are the same as above with the following exception; For the Division, type in Field A or Field B, depending on your pool, then type in the number “only” of the room that you are the scorekeeper of from the list above. Then click “OK”, and click “OK” again at Line Up dialog box.  This should take you back to the main screen.

Line Up Steps

17.   Now reopen the “Line Ups” dialog box, this time you should see the schedule file download and should get the following screen.  The Team and Quizzer information at the bottom may be different, that’s ok, it is the Tournament information at the top that matters.

18.   At the Line Ups dialog box, if you have the latest version of QM and the options are not set correctly the Options button will be red. If it is red, you will need correct it.

19.   To correct or double check the options settings, click the “Options” button and set as indicated below.

20.   Click “OK” to return to the Line Ups dialog box.

21.   Click on “Next Quiz” and you will get the following, click “yes” to proceed.

22.   Now you should see Round: 1 and the two team names of your first quiz. You should also be able to choose the quizzers for each team.  If you are just doing setup and it is not actually time for the quiz you can cancel out at this point and wait for the quiz start time.  On the day of the quiz, you will only need to repeat the Line Up steps above (steps 20-22) and then set the quizzers names and choose the captain and co-captain. Then click “OK” to start the quiz.


NOTE: Current Schedule has teams listed on Red and Blue, this may change when final schedule is released, if you choose to complete step 22 instead of cancelling out, you won’t see the change until round two and you will have to choose the Quiz team from the drop-down list for round one.


NOTE: Since no quiz seats are connected all quizzers lights will be on, this is ok and expected.  During the quiz all you have to do is click on the quizzers light that is awarded the jump and then mark accordingly.


If at any time you have issues, please contact the Quiz Tech Team as noted at the beginning of these instructions.